Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Dog Days of Summer

My two readers may have noticed that this blog has remained un-updated for a whole month, but I have a pretty good explanation - nothing is happening. Sure I could have commented on the Malkin situation, but that has more to do with politics than hockey, besides, what is there to say? Russia: Different name, same country.

Dumont was signed today by the Predators for about $2.25 x 2 years, which supposidly is less than he was asking from Buffalo. With all the talk of a gutted Oilers team, you have to be somewhat worried about Buffalo's repeat chances. They've lost Mckee, Dumont, Grier, and from the sounds of it, Connolly has one hell of a headache. They still have a great team, but maybe not as great as last year.

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